With Stage III, we wrapped up the Rethought Things Store part of the blog by reflecting on what the kids had learned. I gave them all a variety of questions to choose from, like what was their biggest challenge and how they overcame it, what they’re most proud of, or advice they have for next year’s Stage III kids. There were lots of strong reflections, ranging from kids encouraging each other to practice their jobs to kids realizing that they had gotten better at skills like talking to people and even fine motor skills. We just picked it back up to support us through the research process that is core to their “A Place in Time” study of Ancient Rome that is just starting. I had the kids reflect on their prior knowledge and questions about this topic so we can capture a snapshot of where all the kids are at the beginning and then look back as they learn and can really see how far they come through this big, exciting unit. Here's the blog: www.kidblog.org/stageiii. I'd like to figure out how to get a wider audience for this blog, but haven't figured out how to do this yet...

With Stage IV, we finally finished creating the Lower School Tech Agreements. This was a major collaborative project that ended up taking months and months because of only getting about 15 minutes of lesson/instructional time per week. The kids brought so much strong thinking and many of them are clearly learning about internet safety and responsibility at home. The kids got a lot of practice with how to communicate clearly and concisely to an audience that includes peers all the way down to Stage I, as well as how to verbally communicate and collaborate with each other. We also started using our library catalog system, Destiny Quest, as a reading social network. They are so excited to have “friends” and many of them are very enthusiastic about recommending books and keeping track of what they’re reading/have read/want to read. I’m seeing more kids trying out books they wouldn’t have otherwise discovered and getting a better idea of what kids might be actually reading (which doesn’t always equate to what they’re checking out). I’m excited to move on to their research unit (“Ologies”) and that we’re going to have everyone create real bibliographies this year using EasyBib. J





I have contacted via Skype a teacher online in Mexico and we exchanged videos. I posted them in a private YouTube and I am working on an Edublog that we can use to post more video and maybe writing essays.
I use a flip camera and it was really easy. It’s more complicated to keep the partnership active with the same idea and timing.
My students love it! They keep asking to continue. I am decided to keep trying.

Spanish 5 video


As usual I'm doing more than one thing and having trouble keeping up with all of it. Where is the time?! That's my biggest issue, is finding the time to update my wiki and my blog, and then the discipline to do it regularly. Can I give myself a pass because I fell off the wagon during report writing?

I've started a Stage III Classroom wiki (link: Julie's Stage III wiki) in particular for my Minecraft for Romans class, where I am having 5 sections of classes over 2 signups collaboratively design and build a town built on ancient Roman urban design principles. I absolutely cannot believe the enthusiasm of the kids in these classes--I think my Minecraft classes are even louder than Sara's dancing, singing Spanish students next door! The trickiest part is helping the kids get past the "everybody for themselves" attitude of conventional mulitplayer gaming and actually do the hard work of collaborating. The other trickiest part is keeping everything running properly, but that's part of the technology territory.

I've also started a personal, public blog, but I'm falling behind terribly on this one. Again, discipline! I have to start building those habits into my day, and it is honestly really hard. This is something I will need to talk about to get my head around it.

In my quest to have my students learn out loud, for the first time ever in my Scratch Programming classes for Stage III I am going to have the kids publish their work on the Scratch website. I found it really interesting that every kid was excited except one, who got big eyes and instantly decided his work wasn't going to be good enough and he didn't want to do it. I have time--I'll work on him. What do you think? Should I push or let him make that call?


I used the ipad cart with students in December for a project on Oedipus Rex using the photstream:

16017054966_292257a130_o.jpgscreen clip.png15423188943_c75d88af38_o.jpg


I have been working on a blog for the parents in my classroom. I am using it to display classroom activities and projects. I am also using it to discuss Roeper philosophy. It is a communication tool that helps connect parents to our classroom and Stage.
I love to post, but I am not sure about who is seeing it. I have tried using the Statistics section of Edublogs to keep track, but it has not worked since December. The other widgets I tried only track countries heard from.
I am also contemplating keeping my blog private for our class or public to reach out to other classrooms across the globe. Balancing privacy vs. enjoying the benefits of global learning is where I am stuck. I have one student who could not be in the photos if I went public, but that would also rule out great classroom shots.
Here is the link to my blog:
http://lisaandlaura.edublogs.org/ Our password is: lisalaura

Sara M.

My first reminder postcard said “Remember not to beat yourself up,” which was prescient because that’s exactly where I am in the process. There have been lots of tech and emotional issues that are too draining to type out.
Maybe my issue is that I’m having a chicken or egg moment w/tech. If I had an awesome blog w/an international audience, then it would be compelling for the kids (and me) to slog through technical challenges to finish projects. However, to get an awesome blog w/an international audience, we need to create some content. There’s a question in my mind about whether we need 100% participation, or not.
I have had some tech victories w/unrelated to digital storytelling: Triptico is an awesome subscription site ($35/year) w/a bunch of great apps to use in class that the kids are loving. I’ve got a google map running w/places in Spanish speaking countries w/images we’ve looked at, and we talk about geography every class.


I have spent the last weeks with more ideas than I've had time to complete. The struggle with implementing and making time within the classroom day is real. I have a little success but not enough to make me feel that I've been successful. This was fun to create and post to my blog - which I haven't updated in quite awhile!


In December I completed a peer editing assignment that went well. The main problems were updating computers and non-functioning laptops. I also coordinated with Emery and we used the laptop cart and iPad cart for research, onedrive docs, website creation, powerpoint creation, making iMovies, starting a rant or creating a message on a social media site. We used the carts all week during mid-terms and they didn't have any issues.

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