Planet Travel Brochure

Students were asked to pick a planet or natural satellite in our solar system. They are then asked to complete research on the planet/satellite on the following:
  • Information to be obtained by each group about the planet (and its natural satellites)
  • Distance from the sun
  • Distance from Earth
  • Diameter
  • Mass
  • Density
  • Amount of light and heat reaching there from the sun
  • Gravitational attraction
  • Solid/liquid/gas portions
  • Composition of portions
  • Atmosphere
  • Pressures (atmospheric or hydrospheric, if there is a liquid portion)
  • Temperature range
  • Natural satellites
The students were then asked to take this information and create a persuasive travel brochure/presentation to get tourists to go to their planet. The second half of the project will be designing an organism that could survive on their planet/satellite.