My Learning Journey

Campus:The Lower School
Role:Stage IV Humanities teacher

My Destination Postcard:
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From our brainstorm list of possible topics (or others that have surfaced in your thinking):
  • Which interest you? reaching out and pulling in; documentation and reflection

  • Which peak your personal/professional curiosity the most? reaching out and pulling in

  • What questions surface within the topic(s) and with specific regard to your practice? To your own learning? To student learning?

I am specifically interested in reaching out as a way of fostering (for each child) a sense of immediate importance regarding the content of the moment/year.

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Planning Stage

Influenced by:



The element of my practice I'd like to tinker with is....developing and immediate importance of the content

documentation/portfolio per student for reflection purposes (fairly quick reflection - check lists?)


  • Goal - The goal of my effort is to...foster a desire to learn the material, skills, etc...

  • help students understand the value of reflection

  • Question - The fundamental question I will be exploring is... will this foster tenacity of effort?

  • (draft a focus question and subquestions; be prepared to revise these throughout the challenge)


What artifacts of learning might I collect as evidence of growth...?

  • anecdotal records
  • student reflections
  • teacher reflections
  • student work samples
  • iterations
  • observations
  • peer/colleague feedback
  • assessment data
    • rubrics
    • other formative pieces...
  • surveys
  • counts
  • more...
external image Audacity-icon.pngThe reason for doing action research is to improve future action.
–Richard Sagor, Guiding School Improvement with Action Research, (ASCD professional development program)


My learning network will include (books, articles, websites, people, other):

Our Diigo Group

  • @TheRoeperSchool
  • #RoeperR&D