Welcome to our Cohort 2 Iron ChefDesign Challenge

Iron Chef Activity Write-Up:

Please take a few moments to document your activity:
Activity Write-Up for Iron Chef Design Challenge
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Iron Chef:

Using a blend of self-selected and provided ingredients, each member of the cohort group will create an activity to share with the group at our next session. Please come prepared to share your:
  • thinking - what is your larger professional goal?
  • connections - how does your activity support your larger goal?
  • recipe - of course we are all going to want to try it in our own "kitchens"
  • samples - of student work, so we can get a true flavor of the activity
  • reflections - what you might maintain, amplify and/or do differently next time (little more of this, little less of that...you get the idea!)


Partner to Room Discussion

Roeper Scope Update


Design Time