Iron Chef Design Challenge!
April, 2016

See additional notes from March session below

Iron Chef Activity Write-Up:

Activity Write-Up for Iron Chef Design Challenge
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    • Title: <Iron Chef,specific activity, your name>
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Digging Further into Questioning

March, 2016

Personal Learning Journals

As you prepare for our day, please consider the goal or focus you set for yourself at the close of our last session. Please share your thinking, efforts and reflections over the past few weeks:
  • What have you tried?
  • What observations have you made of your students?
  • What have you noticed, confirmed or questioned about your own practice?
As you reflect on your thinking and efforts since we began in the Fall:
  • What needs have you been able to identify (professional and student)
  • Of these needs,
    • How Might We...?
    • which are within your locus of control?
    • which will you need support obtaining?

Question Formulation Technique -

Connecting to Innovative Design Principles

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Genuine vs Bogus Inquiry, Grant Wiggins


Design Time

      • Why?
      • What If?
      • How?

Our Next Cohort Session: Friday, April 29

Iron Chef Cook Off!
Using a blend of self-selected and provided ingredients, each member of the cohort group will create an activity to share with the group at our next session. Please come prepared to share your:
  • thinking - what is your larger professional goal?
  • connections - how does your activity support your larger goal?
  • recipe - of course we are all going to want to try it in our own "kitchens"
  • samples - of student work, so we can get a true flavor of the activity
  • reflections - what you might maintain, amplify and/or do differently next time (little more of this, little less of get the idea!)


Remember: small shifts, big impact!


February, 2016

Developing Students Capacity to Ask Questions
Making Thinking Visible

Building & Growing Learning Networks (reaching beyond walls of classroom)

Why? What If?

January, 2016

Small Shifts, Big Impact
Identifying Needs
Growing Thinking & Practice:

Why? And What If?...two questions to inform tomorrow

Six Questions of "Innovative" Learning Design
  1. Did the assignment build capacity for critical thinking on the web?
    • Web literacy: Grammar of the Internet, Google Operators, How and Why of search construction
    • Information literacy: currency, relevance, reliability, accuracy, authenticity, perspective (including experience/slant/agenda)
    • Primary Source Material
  2. Did the assignment develop new lines of inquiry?
    • How do we already use effective questioning techniques, and how can we enhance our practice to increase student ownership of the learning?
    • In what ways do we support Ss capacity to ask and craft questions, and how might we enhance our practice to increase ownership of learning?
  3. Are there opportunities for Students to make their thinking visible?
    • Documentation & Reflection: process, planning, self-monitoring, self-assessment and goal setting process
    • Feedback: Peer, Teacher, Expert – developing, sustaining & leveraging effective input & feedback loops to increase quality & ownership of learning experience
    • FAILing to learn – problem identification, problem-solving and finding value in mistakes, wrong turns and perceived “failures”
  4. Are there opportunities to broaden the perspective of the conversation with authentic audiences from around the world?
    • Learning out loud and with a global & interactive audience
    • Leveraging digital tools & resources to connect, share and grow learning
      • Example: numerous blogs around the world and other publishing sites where we may want to encourage students to broaden and deepen their learning experience & perspectives
5. Are there opportunities for students to create contributions (purposeful work)?
  • Making relevant and meaningful connections to content
  • Why? Why Bother? So What? Now What?
  • Daily learning conversations & connections to larger projects, efforts, thinking, research...

6. Does the assignment model “best in the world” examples of content and skill?
  • Building/standing on shoulders of giants – amplifying rigor
  • Students are often more motivated, inspired and willing to work harder when they know what other students have accomplished.

Suggestion for Throughlines & Consistency of Professional Learning Practice:
  • Documentation
  • Reflection
  • Questioning
  • Peer & Global Feedback (crafting and applying)
  • Self planning, monitoring & assessment
  • Goal Setting

What? Why? What If...?
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Launch: Drafting the Story of Our Learning Journeys...

person-leaves.jpgDocumentation & Reflection:

Resource Groups:
As you read, please take bullet point notes and be prepared to:
  • summarize resources
  • identify critical details and how you see each connecting to learning at The Roeper School
  • consider & share connections, questions, examples, as they relate to current and/or future practice

Jigsaw Groups:
Please regroup and...
  • Share your take-aways from the resources explored
  • Share summary of group discussions, including connections & questions around teaching and learning at The Roeper School
  • What connections can you draw between resources, group discussions and/or learning?




Additional Resources:

Documentation & Reflection:

Putting It Together
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Learning Journals

  1. Please copy the questions below and paste them in the Growth area on your learning journal
  2. Consider the resources above, your efforts with students over the past few months, and our discussions this morning, as you reply to each. *be sure to save your page after responding to each question

Documenting my Professional Learning:
  • How? How often?
  • What? To what degree (details)?
  • Why bother (in what way(s) has/will your documentation support your ongoing learning)?
  • What artifacts of professional and/or student learning might you include?
  • What story will your documentation tell of your journey?

Design Time:

Activity Write-Up for Documentation & Reflection
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    • Title: <specific activity, your name>
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